Digital environmental registration can be carried out in the MPS-ABC registration environment. The certification body MPS-ECAS performs an audit on this. MPS thus offers registration, certification, and audits under one roof. You register your usage in the registration environment of MPS-ABC and receive a periodic overview. This shows how you score, including in comparison to other companies with a similar product grown under the same conditions. This provides insight into your own sustainability performance and the opportunity to make your business more sustainable.

Royal Flora Holland MPS
In addition to MPS-ABC, you can also obtain the MPS-GAP certificate, where GAP stands for "Good Agricultural Practices". With the combination of MPS-ABC and MPS-GAP, you fully meet the FSI criteria.

From registration to certification via MPS-ABC. How do you start?

  • You can request an offer via
  • One of the MPS coordinators will pay you a visit to explain things and help you get started.
  • After 13 consecutive 28-day periods of registration and successful completion of the first audit by MPS-ECAS, you will receive the MPS-ABC environmental certificate.

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