Green is more than beautiful

We promote 'Green is more than beautiful' as a contribution to liveable, green cities and green communities.

Green offers significant benefits to people in cities. It always has, but climate change has further increased this need. It can help cities reduce heat stress and buffer water from extreme rainfall.

For building users, greenery is demonstrably good. Children learn better in green school classrooms, the elderly feel more comfortable in green surroundings, productivity is higher and absenteeism lower in green offices, and patients are discharged from hospital sooner and need less medication in green surroundings.

Good for people, good for the sector

Growing awareness of 'Green is more than beautiful' serves two interests. First of all, it is good for everyone involved: city dwellers, schoolchildren, the elderly, employees.
But it is also good for our sector. Growers can capitalise on the value of green by actively working with this philosophy.

How do we do that?

  • Through our Green Agenda, together with our partners - such as Wageningen University & Research - we are building scientific knowledge and evidence through research, projects and programmes.
  • We disclose and share this knowledge to provide insights and inspiration for the sector: with fact sheets, a digital knowledge portal and by our presence at meetings and symposia.
  • We introduce decision-makers (such as real estate parties) to the benefits of green via our network and politics.

The Green Agenda

Research is one of the things in which The Green City invests. We underpin the value of liveable, healthy and attractive cities by regularly contributing to scientific research and publications.

Within the framework of The Green Agenda programme, knowledge institutions, universities and entrepreneurs work together on green innovations. The results are summarised in a series of fact sheets published on To underline the importance of green space in urban environments, it is important to communicate at an international level as well. We do this by means of and by translating our publications.


Interested in the added value of greenery? Read the factsheets of The Green Agenda here. The Green Agenda developed various factsheets in cooperation with different parties.
Do you prefer a German or French translation? Contact our Customer Contact Center.