Royal FloraHolland | Enthusiastic and energetic people
Bevogen vitale mensen

Enthusiastic and energetic people

Together we achieve more

Working at and with Royal FloraHolland should be enjoyable, safe and challenging. We are a dynamic organisation, constantly evolving. Dedication, commitment, resilience, flexibility and expertise are important character traits of our employees.

Physical and mental fitness

Because we like to see employees flourish, there is plenty of scope and attention for their personal development and developing their talents. That is the foundation of their health, job satisfaction and success.

Social safety

On our platform , cooperation and reliability are core values. Effective cooperation and agreements between our employees, suppliers, customers and growers creates safety and job satisfaction. Together, this creates the confidence to do business with each other sustainably and enjoyably.

Encouraging responsible production

We encourage more responsible international production and trade of floriculture crops. By realising the IMVO Covenant Floriculture Sector (2019-2022) and subscribing to the resulting Code of Conduct, we have committed ourselves to the established standards and values for socially responsible business in the floriculture sector.

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