Minimal CO2 emissions

We aim to use power and heat in our marketplace without releasing CO2 in the process. The reason for this is simple: we don't want our existence to contribute to climate change. We are therefore working to minimise our carbon footprint.

We use 100% green (certified) electricity and solar energy and are connected to a geothermal heat source. We are continuing to explore ways to reduce energy and heat consumption in our buildings and operations.

Solar energy

In total, we have about 25,000 solar panels on our roofs. This covers 6.5% of our annual electricity consumption and saves 3000 tonnes of CO2. This equates to 4.7% of our total CO2 emissions.

Geothermal energy

Royal FloraHolland is an initiator and participant in the geothermal project Trias Westland. From 2021 onwards, we will be using geothermal heat in Naaldwijk as a sustainable form of energy, to heat the packaging unit washing installation, for example. This will reduce our annual gas consumption in Naaldwijk by about 16% and we will achieve a reduction in CO2 emissions of 1,200 tonnes (5% of CO2 emissions in Naaldwijk).


In the new Floradôme, sustainability and the connection with the sector and employees play a key role. The building doesn’t only look green, it’s very green in other ways too. This is due to the circular use of raw materials, the building’s low energy consumption and a focus on biodiversity. By reusing the skeleton and shell of the old office in its entirety, significant CO2 savings were achieved when compared to constructing a completely new building. To keep energy consumption as low as possible, we generate sustainable energy in Floradôme and do not use fossil fuels. The building has Energy Label A+ and meets the Very Good certification of BREEAM (an integral sustainability certificate).