The digital auction

At the moment, we still hold auctions separately at Royal FloraHolland’s three export locations: Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk and Rijnsburg. We are moving towards a location-independent, digital auction. This will bring supply and demand from our three export locations together in one digital (worldwide) marketplace.

In addition to direct sales, a digital auction will also be available on Floriday. This will enable growers to offer their products in one place via the various trade channels and thus reach more buyers. Buyers also have access to the full broad and deep assortment of all affiliated growers through Floriday. In addition, they can buy at various export locations. When they make their purchase they can see the time slot when the product will be delivered.

By concentrating supply and demand in Floriday, we will optimise pricing, make the purchasing process more efficient, clearer and easier, and significantly reduce administrative burdens.

Digital auction demo

The development of the digital auction is in full swing. We are going through this process step by step. We are examining, among other things, which functionalities and design will best support the auction process and purchasing process, and how we can guarantee a good customer experience. We will subsequently test this with buyers, suppliers and auctioneers. After that, we will implement improvements and we will test once again. The digital auction will first be implemented in Eelde. A demo version of the digital auction will be available soon.

Entering quantities

Since the merger in 2008, different buying methods have been used at Royal FloraHolland’s export locations. In Aalsmeer and Rijnsburg, it is currently still possible to purchase through audio or by entering quantities. In Naaldwijk, this is only possible by entering quantities. In the run-up to one auction, the various buying methods will be aligned. We have opted for entering quantities. We will switch to entering quantities on the 17th November, 2021. This means buyers are no longer able to state their purchase intention at the Royal FloraHolland auction clocks by audio (speech). This applies to all auction groups.