New logistics

We have started preparations for a major and complex transformation of our logistics services. We will do this in small steps, transitioning a location one auction group at a time.

The new type of logistics

We are moving from our traditional distribution process to a new type of logistics, We are gradually transforming our current distribution process into demand-driven order picking. We will also be organising the logistics fulfillment for direct trade and auction trade in a combined process. With this new, combined logistics, products can be delivered to you quickly and reliably.

We are going from local distribution logistics to ‘from nursery to buyer delivery' in time slots. We are changing the logistics process in small steps. We will move each location and each auction group to the new logistics. Only once this process is complete will we add the transport management, step by step. By decoupling logistics and sales processes, it will soon be possible to use a single logistics process for all sales channels. This will make the logistics process smarter, which means fewer logistics movements, lower costs and a more sustainable process.

How does the new logistics work?

Supply Logistics

Supply logistics means the supplier can choose to have their auction or direct sales products picked up by Royal FloraHolland within a certain time slot. The advantage of this it that the supplier can fully focus on the product and sales, as the logistics fulfillment is taken care of. We can offer flexibility in logistics fulfillment. For example, if the supplier wants to deviate from their regular schedule, additional logistics orders can be given. This gives the supplier more control over the logistics fulfillment.

Logistics on location

When the products arrive at the location, we initiate our logistics process (order picking). With our new logistics, we make less transport moves and the products are handled less often. In this way, we reduce the likelihood of damage and we ensure as little loss of starting quality as possible.

Inter-location logistics

Inter-location transport is the transport between the Royal FloraHolland locations. The supplier can ask us to drop off the products at a location with expected demand from buyers. This means we can get the products closer to the buyer.