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As a grower, Floriday gives you access to an open and global marketplace for the floriculture industry. On Floriday, you can also offer and sell flowers and plants. Floriday provides you with the following benefits:
  • One central location where you can manage stocks, product range and orders.
  • The ability to exchange information with buyers, quickly and easily.
  • A choice of various sales channels.
  • Smart solutions for smaller orders.
  • The option of working via your own software package or directly within Floriday.

Borst Bloembollen and Waterdrinker Flowers

The tulip nursery and forcing centre Borst Bloembollen started using Floriday for the first time in late-2019. At the moment, the company conducts all of its auction and direct trade via Floriday. One of its customers is Waterdrinker Flowers, a company which has been fully focused on digitisation and automation since the very start. Its online store is linked to Floriday. Curious to find out more about the experiences of Borst Bloembollen and Waterdrinker Flowers when using Floriday’s digital online environment? If so, take a look at the video!

LavendelPlus: “Thanks to Floriday, I can reach a large number of customers with virtually no effort at all”

“In the beginning, the platform was still fairly limited and you couldn't sell all products on it, but we continued to follow developments closely. Since then, Floriday has become an easy tool that allows me to reach a very large number of customers quickly and easily. We were in regular contact with our customers to find out how our supply was set up in their online store. This allowed us to make even more progress, and we discovered ever more functions. For example, we discussed the consignment, trolley by trolley, and the classification of each trolley with our customers, made adjustments and subsequently went through the changes with them. Once you’ve set up a product line and got it right, it’s easy to create the rest. It’s almost like copying and pasting.” (LavendelPlus)
Lavendel Plus Roy Heestermans 02 1
Lavendel Plus Roy Heestermans 13

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