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The digital platform for buyers. Discover what it can do for you, today!

With Floriday, you can buy flowers and plants locally or worldwide. You have direct access to the most current and accurate range of products from the nurseries on the platform. Floriday provides you with the following benefits.
  • Real-time information with correct supply.
  • Logistical savings on small orders.
  • Reliable product information and certification.
  • The ability to track orders.
  • The option of working via your own software package or directly within Floriday.

Borst Bloembollen and Waterdrinker Flowers

Waterdrinker Flowers is a company that has been fully focused on digitisation and automation from the very start. Their online store is linked to Floriday and they work in close collaboration with the tulip nursery and forcing company, Borst Bloembollen. Curious to find out more about the experiences of Borst Bloembollen and Waterdrinker Flowers when using Floriday’s digital online environment? If so, take a look at the video!

Bakker.com – “We know more than we used to before talking to a grower.”

“Making a connection with growers via Floriday means we can purchase quickly. This makes sourcing products extremely easy, and consumers know exactly what they can expect from Bakker.com. What form does the contract take? Will it improve availability? We know more than we used to before talking to a grower. Conversations are less about whether a product is available, and more about campaigns or follow-up plans. For Bakker.com, that human aspect is and remains an extremely important part of the relationship the company has with growers.” (Bakker.com)

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