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To keep everyone well informed about the Members’ Council, we regularly publish news reports online.


23, 24 January 2020Members' Council Meeting
23, 24 January 2020Two-day meeting Members' Council
12 March 2020Members' Council meeting
16, 26 March 2020Member sessions - postponed due to the corona virus
23 April 2020Members' Council meeting
28 August 2020Consultation session membership
2,3 September 2020Two-day meeting Members' Council
2,3 September 2020Two-day meeting Members' Council
8 October 2020Members' Council meeting
10 December 2020Members' Council meeting
10 December 2020Cooperative day

News articles

24 August 2020: Members' Council: 100% Digital, will everyone be ready in time?

6 August 2020: Members consultation on membership kicks off

20 July 2020: Members' Council meeting: 'Trade should commit to environmental certification'

13 July 2020: 'The company needs a stronger cooperative philosophy'

7 July 2020: Review of online member sessions in 4 minutes

29 June 2020: 'The smaller grower must have a place in the cooperative'

27 May 2020: Online Member sessions: Strong together through the crisis

28 April 2020: Members' Council approves 2019 annual figures

28 April 2020: Thank you, Yme!

28 April 2020: Update strategy committee: scenarios for the future

8 April 2020: Members talk to members online: "We are a kind of pressure relief"

13 March 2020: Members' Council meeting: Corona, membership and sustainability

18 February 2020: New membership model in development: we need your input

18 February 2020: Two-day meeting of the Members' Council, focusing on strategy and leading teams

4 februari 2020: Voice your opinion: Member sessions about types of membership

12 December 2020: Members' council: 2020 rates approved and SB members appointed

9 December 2019: Goos Hofland: "Input by members is incredibly important"

29 November 2019: Well-attended Member Sessions