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Social safety

A pleasant work environment belongs to all of us

Treating each other with consideration and respect, so that everyone experiences a socially safe and enjoyable working environment. That is what Royal FloraHolland stands for.

At Royal FloraHolland, we treat each other with respect and take responsibility for what effect our behaviour has on others. We do so as stated in the Code of Conduct. We are a dynamic organisation, where cooperation, reliability, innovation and result-orientation are core values. A pleasant working environment belongs to all of us and we ensure this together. Help us achieve this.

Reporting unwanted behaviour

If someone does, says or writes something that you experience as unpleasant, threatening or hostile, it is unwanted behaviour. For example, aggression, bullying, discrimination or (sexual) harassment of colleagues or others in the marketplace. But (suspected) theft or fraud is also unwanted behaviour. Do you have to deal with this or do you have suspicions? If so, please report it.

Verbal violence 

We care for each other, listen to each other and are understanding, honest, reliable and kind. We do not insult anyone or shout; our communication is constructive wherever possible. We allow each other to finish speaking at a normal volume and show respect towards each other.


At Royal FloraHolland, we treat each other as equals. Age, gender, race, nationality, religion, physical appearance, sexual orientation or professional mobility are irrelevant. Discrimination occurs when people are treated unequally on these grounds.

Sexual harassment 

At Royal FloraHolland, we treat each other as equals. We explore each other's boundaries and respect them. The recipient determines whether something is desired or undesired. The boundary between desirable and undesirable behaviour is established through experience. People are not always aware that they are crossing each others’ boundaries. Therefore, it is important to actively discuss when boundaries are crossed. And seek help if that approach does not work or does not lead to the desired outcome.


We allow everyone their rights and accept people's differences. We treat those differences respectfully and do not consciously exclude or ridicule others.

Physical violence

We have respect for each other. Therefore, we don't kick, push or hit, nor do we threaten to do so; we respect others’ possessions and treat them with care in our marketplace.


We do not influence others’ behaviour by frightening them in any way. We do not abuse differences in power. We do not exclude others or coerce others into doing or saying things against their will. When approached or pressured to do or say things that are not permitted, we report it so that together we can ensure a safe working environment.