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Safety Rules

The safety rules apply to everyone on Royal FloraHolland's premises and in its buildings.

Working safely at Royal FloraHolland

Safety rule 1

I will keep to the traffic rules that apply on-site and in the buildings
Dutch road traffic legislation applies at all Royal FloraHolland sites. In the logistics processes, the following additional rules apply to make working with logistic resources safe:

  • A speed limit of 10 km/h applies in the building.
  • Do not hold your phone when driving a tractor or car or riding a bicycle. Only hands-free use is permitted.
  • Adjust your speed and driving style according to the load, traffic situation and conditions in the buildings.
  • Keep a sufficient distance from the vehicle in front.
  • Keep the roadways free from obstruction.

Safety rule 2

I will wear safety footwear and hi-vis clothing in the logistics areas. To protect your feet, toes and ankles, and for a proper grip of the surface, it is mandatory to wear safety footwear (at least class S2) in the logistics areas. In addition to this, to prevent collisions, the wearing of hi-vis clothing (at least class S2), such as a brightly coloured vest or jacket, is mandatory. The personal protective equipment applies to cyclists, people on tractors and pedestrians. It is mandatory for everyone in the logistics areas and at any time of the day, even if there are no logistics resources at that time. Only enter the logistics areas when necessary.

The following principles apply in respect of safety footwear and clothing:
Safety footwear: At least EN ISO 20345 or EN 345 class S2
Safety clothing: At least EN ISO 20471 or NEN-EN 471 class 1

Safety rule 3

I will keep my working environment clean, safe and tidy. A tidy workplace is a safe workplace. Waste and material lying around on the floor present a slip and trip hazard. A tidy workplace not only leads to fewer accidents, but also to fewer mistakes. Clear up used materials and tools immediately and separate waste right away into the appropriate containers or areas. Keep escape routes, fire doors and extinguishers clear.
The Royal FloraHolland auction trolleys are an integral part of the workplace. Auction trolleys should therefore be returned without (residual) waste.

Safety rule 4

I will address others about hazardous behaviour and accept that others may also address me. For optimum cooperation and a good safety culture, it is important that everyone obeys the safety rules, and that we can address each other if this is not the case. In addition, you also accept that others may address you. It is essential that this be done in a respectful way.

Safety rule 5

I will only carry out hazardous work if I have a work permit. Hazardous work is work that, without additional safety provisions or safety measures, can lead to an increased risk for employees or the surroundings. For example, working at heights or on electrical systems. This hazardous work is only done with the required work permit, and if appropriate measures are taken to prevent or reduce the risks. Everyone is obliged to adhere strictly to the stipulations in the work permit. Apply for a work permit at least five working days before the work is to be carried out.

Safety rule 6

I will not take any children into the logistics areas. The logistics areas present safety risks. Children under the age of 14 are therefore not permitted in the logistics areas. Children are however welcome in the galleries and behind the railings/on the balconies.

Safety rule 7

I will not work under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication. Working on the Royal FloraHolland sites under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication that affects one's reactions is not permitted. The risk of an accident is greater when you are under the influence of substances that affect your reactions.

Therefore check the leaflet for any medication that could affect your alertness or reactions. If necessary, consult your GP. Do not consume excessive alcohol during the evening and night before a working day; after one glass of alcohol it takes about an hour and a half before you are no longer affected.

Safety rule 8

I will not smoke in the Royal FloraHolland buildings. In accordance with the Dutch Tobacco Act, Royal FloraHolland is a smoke-free workplace. By this means, Royal FloraHolland intends not only to protect people against the harmful effects and nuisance of smoking, but also to reduce the risk of fire. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas. Also, ensure that lit cigarettes are extinguished properly when discarded in the ashtray. The same rules apply to e-cigarettes.

As of 1 January 2022, smoking rooms are no longer allowed in buildings where work is carried out. This also applies to private or rented rooms. Smoking areas outside must be located in a place where the smoke cannot enter the building through a window or other ventilation opening.

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