Royal FloraHolland - Vermeiden Sie eine Geldbuße: Tragen Sie einen Mund-Nasen-Schutz in öffentlichen Gebäuden

4. Februar 2021
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In accordance with the guidelines of the Dutch government and the RIVM, you are obligated to wear non-surgical face masks in public spaces, such as the marketplace of Royal FloraHolland. The auction room itself is excluded from this as long as you are seated. It is mandatory to wear a face mask on the walking route to and from your seat.

The current face mask obligation has been expanded to three areas at the beginning of this year:

  1. The delivery lines of boxes.
  2. Exposed spaces of boxes, spaces in front of the box that are not secluded by cloth, tarps or fences that reach at least shoulder height.
  3. KNB areas, spaces where customers are renting flexible spaces, otherwise known as 'separate buyer areas'.

Expansion of the face mask obligation is applicable for these areas because they are exposed, and therefore easily accessible for others.

Keep 1.5 metres distance

Wearing a non-surgical face mask does not replace the 1.5-metre, social-distancing rule. It is imperative that you always maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from other people and in addition to that, make use of a (non-surgical) face mask. You are personally responsible for adherence to the corona rules in your box space. The company security of Royal FloraHolland will actively enforce the wearing of face masks and will have to fine failure to adhere to this rule. Employees from Royal FloraHolland could deny to offer services in open spaces where no face masks are being worn.

The safety of users of our marketplace is paramount. That's why we ask you to actively observe the guidelines for the use of our marketplace and the RIVM guidelines. Only then can we create together a safe and healthy workplace for everyone in our marketplace.

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